Friday, 10 September 2010

Ashby2020 Meeting Minutes SEPTEMBER

Ashby 2020 Minutes
7th September 2010
6.30 – 8.30pm
Legion House

Chair: Andrew Reeves

Review minutes from July
Updates on actions: Town wide energy
List of existing sustainable action in town
Media coverage
Constitution & Roles
Future projects and grant funding
Next steps

Introductions – 6.40pm

Minutes reviewed from July: Agreed.

Town wide energy: Carl Benfield approached four utility providers with a request for them to provide a green energy tariff and other incentives to maximise the appeal for Ashby to switch to the greener alternative. As it stands, two of those four are in the process of putting together formal proposals for a deadline of October 1st 2010. These proposals will be put to an Ashby2020 selection panel composed of local professionals, prominent members of the community and residents, and the winning bid will be decided upon by October 7th 2010, and announced the following day. A public announcement will be made November 1st 2010, and a coordinated marketing campaign will be rolled out.
  • Along with a bid for green energy, requests have been made for the provision of energy surveys, monitors, and for a portion of the work involved in rolling out this campaign to be shared with local companies, thereby channelling money and experience into the community. However, this is speculative. The terms of the bids are unknown while under development by the utilities, and Ashby2020 has no involvement until submission.

Existing sustainability action in Ashby:
Shoecare (recycle shoes)
Several recycling sites
Landshare (in the absence of available allotment space)
Streetlight shut off
  • It may be beneficial for Ashby2020 to secure a regular feature in a local publication, so we can highlight the efforts of the community.

Big Green Week: Taking place at EMA. The Green Footprints sustainability division of NW Leicestershire District Council will have a presence on September 23rd 2010, and Ashby2020 have an opportunity to join them.
-          Gemma to email request to Wendy of NWLDC.

Constitution & Roles:
The legal status of Ashby2020 under the Town Partnership is currently unclear. Carl Benfield, who sits on the board as vice-chair, is looking to upgrade the TCP so it is able to handle funding from multiple sources, and this could affect the way we are able to operate.
  • Should we sit beneath TCP or be independent? We will address this question at a later meeting after receiving clarification from TCP, who will be meeting October 11th 2010.

Aims: We are largely content with the formation of our group aims and mission statement as created last meeting, but will look to amend it to the following:

Ashby 2020 will help Ashby become more sustainable. We will
predominantly focus on environmental improvements, but will include
social and economic factors. We will do this by:

o Being accessible and welcoming to all contributors and
interested parties.
o Developing supportive relationships within the community.
o Celebrating social diversity while reaching towards a common
o Focussing on taking positive action, and inspire others to
do so.
o Being a non-profit collective, with any funds received in the
Ashby 2020 name being used to further the success of our aims.

‘Taking positive action’ (formerly ‘positives of taking action’) focuses our intentions to ONLY be positive, and not engage in negative interactions or demonstrations.

The question of what ‘sustainability’ means to us was also raised, and requires time dedicated to defining it in our own terms at the next meeting.

Grants & Future Projects:
Funding: Carl will be enlisting the help of a professional grant applicator for use with the TCP later this year. She will be able to take our desired projects and find funding for them, submit the application on our behalf, and in return will take a percentage of that funding as payment for her services.

Big Switch Off:
NW Leics District Council and Ashby2020 will be collaborating on a promotional event for the Big Switch Off week between 11th – 17th October 2010.
The event will take place on Market Street on Saturday 9th October 2010, and will combine among other things:
-          A bike powered smoothie maker
-          A survey about sustainability in Ashby (focussing on why residents do not engage in green living already), in child friendly and adult versions
-          Freebies from BSO
-          Ashby2020 interest sign up
-          Sign up to borrow energy monitors
-          Light bulb library
Attendees of the meeting have volunteered to represent Ashby2020 at this event (Andrew, Rachael, Audrey, Janet, Chris, Lauren, Gillian) and will be meeting to finalise arrangements for the on-the-day presence.
-          We need someone to volunteer to compose the survey. Please contact or

Screenings: There is also an interest in sustainability themed film screenings. Andrew will provide a list of potential films.

Next meeting: October 28th 2010  @  6.30pm Legion House.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Meeting agenda: September 7th 2010

N.B.  There is a very real possibility that Ashby2020 will be in receipt of a substantial amount of money, in the near-ish future (thanks to some exciting developments that we will discuss at the meeting), therefore we need make agreeing on projects to fund a priority.


Introductions :            Why we’re here
                                    What we’d like to contribute
                                    What we’d like to see happen

Minutes from last time / Updates on actions:
Town wide energy
List of existing sustainable action in town
Media coverage

Constitution & Roles

Action  re: Grants:     Intro & grant terms; Money, Interest, Resources?
                                    Ideas for use; Review past ideas and introduce new
                                    Next steps
                                    Next meeting