Monday, 22 February 2010

Two Very Positive Meetings

Two great meetings today - firstly with Fishers Solicitors in Ashby who have graciously and enthusiastically agreed to act as the main legal representatives for the whole initiative.  This will mean professional help in setting up the charitable trust and in negotiating contracts when we have large consensus in the town.  With Fishers' help we should have huge group-buying capability meaning everyone benefits by being sustainable!

The second very positive meeting was with KP/United Biscuits who are very enthused by the project.  They will be promoting our 15 April launch event at their own environmental awareness day this Wednesday, and are clearly making inroads into their own sustainability efforts.  I understand that they have reduced waste to the extent that no skip is required this month for landfill - an awesome achievement considering the scale of output at KP.  Well done all!

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