Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Meeting with Ashby Town Partnership

A good meeting this evening with Ashby Town Partnership - a joint committee of townspeople, businesses and council.
The body seemed very responsive to the 2020 concept and slightly surprised we were not asking for money yet!   I hope this forum will further enable the message to get out to the community, although there is much to do before launch on 15 April.
One of the things we were reminded of by Tim Phillips of Holy Trinity Church, was the need for vision as a community.  I believe Ashby 2020 will fit well into the wider vision for the town and indeed add much impetus to its realisation.

Carl Benfield

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  1. I attended the meeting as the representative from North West leicestershire District Council.Carl impressed me with his enthusiasm and knowledge. 2020 is a very interesting concept and basically should be of interest to all the towns folk.An example would be if all the towns residents agreed to sign up to a negotiation with an energy supplier, just think of the buying power of say 80% of the house holds in Ashby, I currently do this with a couple of neighbours when buying heating oil and save many £000's annually as against going it alone.
    Carl confirmed that 2020 was being run as a registered charity and in this case, charity really does start at home !!!!
    As Mayor of Ashby I have invited Carl to be the guest speaker at the Ashby Civic dinner on St Georges Day, 26th April. You can get tickets for the diner from Legion House, the offices of The Town Council, just £23.50 each.
    Cllr Graham Allman Ashby Town Mayor